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Mongolian BBQ Delivers Customer Value

Our customers love the hands on approach and creative control. The idea that "I made my meal", and to watch our customers boast about how good it is, is amazing to witness. One only needs to observe our biggest fans, children. To watch their faces light up with excitement as their creation sizzles on the grill, is to understand the fun and unique dining experience that Mongolian BBQ customers have come to enjoy.

Mongolian BBQ customers are very loyal. Not only do we offer the one time transient shopper a creative dining diversion, but most of our regular customers dine weekly, if not, multiple visits per week. It's not like you can find a Mongolian BBQ on every other corner. Mongolian BBQ brings your retail location the kind of uniqueness. A destination restaurant that draws local customer traffic is a big plus for any retail location.

Perceived Value - Our customers love the freedom of choice and individuality that enables them to create their own unique meal. In their eyes, they own the grill. The idea that "I made my meal, this is my creation". Gives our customers a sense of pride. It's a sense of entitlement that's often missing in most dining experiences. It's clean, creative, family fun. Mongolian BBQ creates a sense of adventure. With a warrior's appetite and an explorer's curiosity to discover and exciting new treasure, our loyal customers are thrilled to shared their new discovery with all of those who will listen.

Cash Value It's All-You-Can-Eat, and our price points are positioned directly at the value-minded family. Our customers work hard for their money and we understand this. A family of four need not break the bank to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling dining experience. At Mongolian BBQ our All-You-Can-Eat Dinner Buffet starts at only $9.95 per person. And that includes your beverage. Our lunch Buffet is only $6.95 per person, and kids 10 and under can eat for only $5.00. A warrior's feast that's affordable, now that's cash value!

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