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Operations Lean & Mean

Because of our high level of customer interactivity, our customers control their own individual pace of dining. The efficiency of our business modem reduces the size of the staff needed to serve our customers, while maintaining our high quality meals and unique dining experience. This in turn helps to reduce the variable labor costs associated with full service restaurants.

Our restaurants are designed to address the ergonomics of efficient customer flow from beginning to the end. The natural transitions from our produce bar to the exhibition kitchen and grill preparation area, creates a seamless flow in order to facilitate constant movement and customer interaction.

In high traffic retail locations, or at peak rush hour periods, our Master Grill Chefs operating at full capacity have the ability to turn out anywhere from 180 to 200 plates per hour. (2 Grills) Although most potential restaurant locations don't have that kind of volume or customer traffic, property managers can rest assured that Mongolian BBQ can design kitchen requirements to meet or exceed any potential volume concerns associated with high traffic locations.

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