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Our History

With the successful opening of the first Wok-N-South Mongolian BBQ in Thousand Oaks California in 1998, founders Todd Campbell and Oscar Santana have continue to create and reshape the Mongolian BBQ vision. The original 1,100 sq. ft. store was quickly renovated and expanded to 2,800 sq. ft. to accommodate the legions of loyal customers that contributed to the steady growth of the restaurant. In 1999 the vision continued with the opening of Wok-N-South Mongolian BBQ #2 in Ventura California. The 5,000 sq. ft. seating area and floor plan provided the opportunity to expand the kitchen area and food bar to accommodate a higher volume of customers, as well as introduce additional menu items while expanding the food bar offerings. With the success of the Ventura location, and the relationships forged with our customers at the two locations, we began to discover that many of our customers were in fact driving as much as 20 to 30 miles just to enjoy our food. In order to accommodate and further expand Mongolian BBQ's popularity, restaurant #3 was opened in Camarillo, California in 2004. With 4,200 sq. ft. and an eye on the future, the management team introduced a new architectural concept incorporating a bright modern look, a new color scheme, an open bar area, and adding an extra 8-foot flat grill to handle the additional volume. With a new look and an improved ergonomic design, Wok-N-South #3 is well on the way to breaking all existing sales records for the company while forging a new legion of loyal and devoted customers.

With the growing popularity of our restaurants and desire to share our Mongolian BBQ vision with customers from all walks of life, the future for Mongolian BBQ is shining brightly indeed. With additional Mongolian BBQ locations slated for Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Diego, Valencia, and the San Francisco Bay Area, Mongolian BBQ is poised to introduce its delicious food and unique dining concept to future Mongol warriors for years to come.

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